Air Liquide Electronics has announced the successful completion of a series of expansions at its ALOHA™ manufacturing sites in California, US, Chalon, France, and Tsukuba, Japan.

The company says the move has doubled its production capacity of advanced precursors and helped bring multiple products online.

The US facility in Fremont, set up in 2006 to support mass production of the ALOHA family of precursors, has doubled its production floor area, including a new laboratory dedicated to joint development projects with customers and technology providers aimed at developing and scaling up next generation, enabling advanced deposition materials.

Similarly, the Europe and Japan based facilities have completed expansions focused on increasing capacities in key products the industry relies on.

As semiconductor manufacturing is well into Nano scale levels, Air Liquide’s precursor technology has helped increase the electrical and mechanical performance of film materials used in microelectronics fabrication, accelerating a variety of emerging applications. The range of highly engineered precursors currently ramping up at ALOHA facilities include:

  • ZyALDTM, ALOHA’s proprietary precursor for second generation ZrO2 high-k materials for advanced DRAM, for which critical intellectual property has recently been granted
  • Silicon precursors for a variety of sub 32nm applications such as patterning and gapfill, used in memory and high-end logic chips   
  • High-k/ metal gate precursors now qualified on major OEM platforms
  • Metallization precursors for applications ranging from copper capping or barrier layers to DRAM capacitor electrodes, including expansion of TORuSTM production capacity for Ruthenium metallization.
  • Low-k precursors and ancillary materials for advanced back-end dielectric stacks
  • New materials for new devices such as Resistive (ReRAM) and Phase Change (PCRAM) memory devices.

Francisco Martins, vice president of Air Liquide Electronics said, “Air Liquide’s strong investment in advanced and differentiated products to meet cutting-edge semiconductor technologies is paying off. Our ALOHA family is playing an increasingly important role in the technology ecosystem and we are committed to supporting and growing with technology providers globally. The additional capacity and the next generation products in the pipeline will enable our customers to meet their technology roadmap challenges.”

The company also announced plans to add fluorine cleaning gas solutions for electronics industry applications in addition to carrier and specialty gases and precursor materials used in the manufacturing process.

The company will offer flat panel display and silicon thin film photovoltaic manufacturers fluorine as an alternative to nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), which is a commonly used cleaning application in this industry. It will be produced directly by large on-site facilities, through a joint venture with the Solvay Group, Air Liquide said.