The North American industrial gas company, Air Products, has publicised the completed acquisition of DuPont’s stake in DuPont Air Products NanoMaterials LLC JV. The 50-50 joint venture is hoped to create breadth in Air Products’ portfolio.

DA NanoMaterials manufactures chemical mechanical planarisation (CMP) slurries for the semiconductor and wafer polishing industries.

Wayne Mitchell, Vice President and General Manager of Electronics at Air Products commented on the acquisition completion, he said, “This acquisition helps broaden our strategy of delivering a portfolio of differentiated offerings to our semiconductor customers.”

He added, “We will continue to work with our customers to develop new materials and delivery systems for the semiconductor industry that enable next generation devices such as smart phones and tablets.”

According to DA NanoMaterials, the acquisition fits neatly with Air Products’ other differentiated materials which serves advanced technology nodes.