North American firm, Air Products, has introduced the Freshline® QS tunnel freezer, which can be used to cryogenically freeze or cool a wide variety of foods, from poultry to pasta.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the new tunnel freezer is ideal for smaller volume food processors and start-ups that want to quickly begin freezing a high quality product with limited upfront cost.

“The Freshline QS tunnel freezer is an economical and easy-to-operate freezer that was developed with smaller volume food processors and start-ups in mind,” confesses Marna Schmidt, North America Food industry manager at Air Products. “The design of the new freezer enables a faster start-up with minimal upfront cost, making cryogenic freezing a more practical option for smaller volume food processors.”

Schmidt also explained the ease with which the tunnel freezer can be integrated into an existing food production line.

Cryogenic freezers― such as those offered by Air Products - use the extremely cold temperature of liquid nitrogen (-196°C) to achieve temperature reduction. They are capable of freezing food within minutes instead of the hours required by traditional ammonia or freon-based systems.

This quick freeze not only contributes to a higher yield, but can also enhance product quality. When food products are frozen more rapidly, it results in the formation of smaller ice crystals, which cause less damage to a product’s cellular structure. This enables food products to maintain moisture, which not only improves texture, colour and flavour, but also translates into smaller weight losses from dehydration and higher yields.