Air Products will highlight its range of industrial gases and technologies for steelmakers, which can help producers from the melt shop to the rolling mill save money throughout their operations, at AISTech 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia from May 7th to 10th.

Among the company’s highlighted technologies will be Air Products’ state-of-the-art oxy-fuel burner solutions for various stages of the steelmaking operation, as well as Blast Furnace Plus, offered through the integrated technologies of Air Products and Danieli Corus.

This patented technology transforms the blast furnace into a combined iron-maker and fuel producer for high-efficiency power production.

The technology can produce dramatic cost savings on the order of $20 per ton of hot metal and increased hot metal productivity, while optimising power generation through integration with the blast furnace and decreasing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

According to Air Products, it pioneered the first on-site gas supply concept over 50 years ago with the steel industry.

As a leading industrial gas supplier, the company’s gases and technologies for iron and steel processing have enabled customers to reduce their costs, improve their quality and productivity, save energy, and achieve environmental compliance.