Air Products will highlight its expertise in chemistry and thin film deposition at the upcoming AVS Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Conference 2012 being held at the Westin Bellevue in Dresden, Germany, this week from June 17-20.

The ALD conference has grown in importance over the last several years because atomic layer deposition is capable of addressing the fabrication requirements for advanced semiconductor devices.

Manufacturing complex structures, such as high aspect ratio capacitors for DRAM and FinFET/Tri-Gate Transistors for high performance logic devices, are seen as essential for advancing high-performance, mobile- and cloud-based computing applications. ALD is the enabling technology to address these challenges.

Researchers from Air Products will present a number of papers at the show both jointly with R&D partners and in work authored solely by the company.

This will include an oral presentation on Atomic Layer Deposition of GST Layers for Phase Change Memories, based on joint work with Seoul National University and presented by Professor C.S. Hwang, and another on Atomic Layer Deposition of Strontium Oxide and Titanate Using Novel Imidazolate Precursors, to be given by Dr. Sergei Ivanov.

Collaborative work with external partners will also be highlighted in poster presentations including Investigation of the Growth Properties of Titanium Oxide ALD Depositions (jointly with Fraunhofer Center for Nanoelectronic Technologies) and Pushing the Limits of ALD in Process Speed (jointly with Beneq).

Poster presentations will also be made on Aminosilanes for Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Oxide and Group 2 Imidazolate Solutions for Direct Liquid Injection.

“Over the last three years, Air Products has accelerated its investments for developing chemical precursors, for molecular modeling to fundamentally understand surface interactions, and in ALD deposition tools, and our customers are recognising the value of partnering with us to address their process needs,” said Dr. Gene Karwacki, the commercial manager for deposition and etching product development for Air Products.

“We now have teams of chemists designing and preparing the precursors which we test in multiple ALD tools in our applications labs in Korea and California. Our efforts span high-K dielectrics, Metals, Phase Change alloys and silicon dielectrics.”