Non-refillable gas cylinders have been available to specialty gas users for some time, Air Products has decided to expand its supply of these products in order to meet demand for applications where ease of use and portability are critical. 

Gary Yates, Air Products’ European Product Manager Analytical and Laboratories, said, “When it comes to gas detection in areas like personal safety and plant protection, access to stable gas mixtures at short notice is essential and laboratory analysts are demanding a high standard of service from their gas supplier.” 

“Backed by our pan-European supply network, Air Products is ideally placed to extend this service to specialty gas users in a variety of industry sectors.”
Non-refillable gas products are available in a range of aluminium cylinder types, with capacities ranging from 12 litres up to 100 litres and they are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis. Utilising Air Products’ extensive cylinder-filling expertise, all reactive mixtures are guaranteed to provide long-term stability and non-reactive mixtures are batch-certified, ensuring consistency with the source gas. 

Switching to non-refillable cylinders for low volume applications allows gas users to avoid rental charges when using smaller volumes of gas and benefit from speedy delivery of a wide range of standardised mixtures. These mixtures have been developed specifically for use in gas detection and other specialist laboratory applications. 

According to Gary Yates, non-refillable gas products can provide much more than just enhanced convenience; they can bring significant safety benefits too. He explained, “The International Safety Equipment Association recommends that gas detection equipment should be ‘bump’ tested prior to each day of use or before each confined space entry in order to check that sensors and alarms are operating properly. Stable non-refillable gas products that come with a Certificate of Analysis are ideal for this purpose.”