Airgas, Inc. has received a fleet safety award from the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) - the US industrial and medical gas industry’s standard-setting organisation for the promotion of safety.

This is the third consecutive year that Airgas has won the award. Peter McCausland, Airgas CEO commented on the achievement, “We are honoured to be recognised by the CGA for having the best safety record among large cylinder gas fleets.”

He added, “Our drivers covered more than three million miles last year in safely meeting the needs of our cylinder gas customers. When you transport cylinder gases, those are very demanding miles. We cannot over state the importance of safety in our industry and we work hard to improve our already safe performance every day.”

The CGA calculates its Fleet Safety awards on a CGA member’s total vehicle accident frequency rate per million miles driven during the year. The Association presented Duane Young, former Director of the Airgas SAFECOR organisation and now Senior Engineer of Airgas Gas Operations, with the Charles H. Glasier Safety Award.

Young has been in the compressed gas industry since 1974 and was Airgas’ official representative to the CGA from 1999 until 2011. During his time with Airgas SAFECOR, he managed the development and implementation of 28 regulatory compliance systems for Airgas that led to more than 60%.

“Duane provided a strong foundation for Airgas’ safety and health leadership during a time when our company was dramatically changing,” McCausland added. “With more than 300 acquisitions and a workforce that grew from less than 1,000 to more than 14,000, Duane set the standard for working safely at Airgas.”