Northstar Industries executed an EPC agreement with New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) to place in service a 120,000 gallon per day liquefaction addition at NJNG’s Howell LNG Facility, and has signed an agreement with Cosmodyne to supply the project’s nitrogen recycle liquefier.

Northstar and Cosmodyne are anticipating a partnership on other projects in the near future. 

“Cosmodyne is proud to have been selected by Northstar Industries and we look forward to a successful project together with New Jersey Natural Gas.  We continue to build on our extensive experience in the natural gas industry by providing our customers with safe, reliable and efficient liquefaction solutions,” said George Pappagelis, General Manager of Cosmodyne.

Cosmodyne will design and manufacture the liquefier at its facilities, and transport the liquefier to New Jersey where Northstar will place the liquefier and other facility components in service for Spring 2016.

About Cosmodyne

Cosmodyne is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic plants with more than 450 placed in operation around the globe since 1958.  Cosmodyne natural gas liquefiers produce LNG for alternate fuel for high horsepower marine, rail, mining, trucking, and oilfield applications, virtual pipeline markets, and utility peak shaving. Cosmodyne air separation plants produce liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon. Other Cosmodyne plants include nitrogen gas generators, nitrogen liquefiers, and oxygen liquefiers. Cosmodyne is part of the Cryogenic Industries Inc. family of companies which include ACD and Cryoquip.