Flow-Cal has announced that Crestwood Midstream Partners have selected Flow-Cal’s software as their corporate measurement solution to manage their products.

Crestwood Midstream selected Flow-Cal’s flagship measurement system as an off-the-shelf solution to replace a legacy system. The open system architecture of the selected FLOWCAL Client/Server system allows them to streamline many internal processes. The results will prove increased efficiencies in processing data while maintaining the integrity of that data.

“As Crestwood continues to grow and expand their assets,” said Michael DeMasie, Flow-Cal’s Chief Operating Officer, “the FLOWCAL software package gives them the power and flexibility to scale the system to their evolving needs.”

With the selection of the FLOWCAL system, Crestwood has combined their gas and liquids to a single system, further consolidating their operations. With the robust balancing feature in the FLOWCAL software, Crestwood can now perform a complete and comprehensive system balance for their gas and liquid products which helps with identifying their unaccounted for product loss. 

Flow-Cal’s suite of products provides operational efficiencies by gathering, validating, storing and distributing a company’s volume and energy data.  The advanced data validation and editing features automate field data processing, producing fast, accurate and auditable results that meet or exceed all industry standards.