Cryofab has announced it is to add “the ultimate” in flexible hose for use with cryogenic liquid gases. 

Based in New Jersey, Cryofab’s hoses are used for – but not limited to – liquid cylinder filling, mini-bulk trans-filling, home care LOX trans-fill, fueling and helium compressor supply and return lines.

The company offers non-insulated or vacuum insulated metal hose in virtually any size, length or pressure with a variety of end fitting options to fulfill just about any connection requirement.  Full length protective armor casing, cuffs, or anti-corrosive coverings can be applied to all hose for added safe guards.

The LOX fill hoses from Cryofab are prepped and cleaned to CGA-4.1-2009 Oxygen Cleaning Specifications; however any hose can be cleaned to this standard depending on user requirements.