DataOnline announced today that it has completed the signing of a long term large scale global licensing agreement for its flagship on-demand service, DOLV3, with a fortune 500 company.

Over 10,000 of existing monitored assets from the customer’s legacy system will be ported to DOLV3 and DOLV3 will interface to the customer’s internal systems, which includes SAP.

DOLV3 will support users in over 13 languages to cater for the customer’s numerous international business units and worldwide nature of their asset base.

Over the term of the contract the agreement has provision for the further installation of monitoring equipment and a subsequent monitoring service for tens of thousands of the customer’s assets on a global basis.

DataOnline CEO Martin Adams commented, “This agreement validates that our DOLV3 on-demand service is a truly global platform that can cater to a diverse set of international users. The winning of this contract in a highly competitive M2M marketplace and to serve a fortune 500 company shows that DataOnline is truly a leader in the M2M ASP space and we look forward to adding more clients with large scale asset bases to our platform in the near future.”

DOLV3 is a multi-tenant hosted solution that is accessible anywhere in the world via a web browser. It provides the tools to deploy, configure & manage DataOnline & third party remote devices and hosts a range of industry specific applications to help companies manage their remote assets.

DOLV3 is directly connected into many of the world’s leading telecom carriers and is providing the pipeline to connect to, and manage, devices in over 65 countries across the world.

DOLV3 has built in connectivity to interface to enterprise systems, such as SAP, and is providing the back-end data feeds necessary to fuel customers’ mission critical supply chain & asset management solutions

About DataOnline

DataOnline® is a leading global provider of M2M (Machine To Machine) solutions specifically for the monitoring of remote fixed and mobile industrial assets. DataOnline specialises in robust and reliable hardware, data acquisition, wireless communications and advanced Web based information management services. Our total end-to-end solutions are quick, easy and cost effective putting you in control with the power to continuously monitor, assess and manage your remote assets via the Internet. From supply chain logistics to water & waste water management and environmental compliance to hazardous container tracking, DataOnline has the right monitoring solution for your business application.

DataOnline has offices in the US, Europe & Asia and a global network of representative companies. With an installed base of 120,000+ devices across industry, located in over 65 countries throughout the world, DataOnline ensures that it can provide solutions ‘Anywhere & Everywhere’.