Reduction of methane emissions has become a high-profile national issue, with many environmental groups and government agencies calling for action.

Most recently, the Obama administration announced a new “Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions” as part of its Climate Action Plan.

A number of environmental advocates and federal agencies are already working to execute the strategy.

As the role of natural gas grows in importance as a segment of the nation’s energy portfolio, the natural gas industry is stepping up its efforts to address this major environmental concern.

Jointly sponsored by the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), a new methane emissions conference—CH4Connections—will unite diverse interests to explore the latest advancements in emissions reduction, and to help pave the way for future innovations.

Through communication and collaboration, ideas can be shared and implemented, processes can be improved, and this challenge can be met and overcome.

A variety of speakers representing the US DOE, EPA,  state agencies, and academia, plus representatives from gas producers, transmission pipelines, and gas distributors will be discussing policy, environmental issues, and technical challenges regarding measuring, mitigating, and weighing the impact of methane emissions in the oil and gas industry.

Featured Speakers:

•   Natural Gas & Sustainability
Judith Greenwald, US Dept. of Energy

•   EPA Initiatives to Reduce NG Emissions through Voluntary Programs
Roger Fernandez, EPA

•   Environmental Perspective on Methane Emissions: Panel Presentation & Discussion
Ben Ratner, EDF
Sharon Buccino, NRDC
Larry Soward, Air Alliance Houston

•   Social Aspects of Natural Gas Production & Distribution: Panel Presentation & Discussion
John Adgate, U. CO School of Public Health
Marcilyn Burke, UH Law Center

•   Confluence of Sound Science and Policy – The ONE FUTURE Approach to Methane Emissions
Fiji George, Southwestern Gas

•   Regulatory Policy on Natural Gas Leak Control
Kathryn Mutz, U. Colorado School of Law

•   Sustainability and Methane: A Perspective from the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
Marilu Hastings, Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation

The conference will take place at the Lone Star Corporate College Community Building and Conference Center in The Woodlands, Texas, on September 23 and 24 and provide a broad perspective on the issues.