The silicon specialist, Dow Corning has entered into a long-term supply deal with Air Products in which Dow Corning will provide electronic-grade silane - an essential component used in manufacturing flat panel displays, semiconductors and photovoltaic cells.

Jim Helwick, Vice President of Dow Corning Electronics Solutions commented, “Dow Corning and Air Products combine the strength of a silicon manufacturing leader with the expertise and infrastructure capabilities of a global gas distributor to the electronics industry.”

“Air Products, with its commitment to the long term supply of ultra-high purity silane, is a great channel partner for Dow Corning.”

Wayne Mitchell, Vice President of Electronics, Air Products responded to the news: “With our silane capacity fully dedicated to the merchant market under a global distributor channel-to-market business model, Dow Corning is offering a cost competitive and reliable first or second source of silane. The plant’s consistent purity and our track record of quality in silicon-based products make silane from Dow Corning a switch customers can make with confidence.”

Dow Corning has been producing electronic-grade silane since March 2011 in a recently constructed, vertically integrated plant in Thomas Township, Michigan, USA, adjacent to the polysilicon manufacturing plant of Hemlock Semiconductor Group, of which Dow Corning is majority shareholder.