Electronic Fluorocarbons, LLC (EFC) has entered a new partnership with the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative, Inc. (IWDC).

EFC is confident that IWDC members will realise the reputation that the company has earned as a leading supplier of specialty gases, hydrocarbons, rare gases and laser mixtures.

The company’s products meet or exceed the stringent demands for purity as required by many manufacturers, with the EFC portfolio including specialty gases, hydrocarbons, UHP gases (with purity up to 99.99999%, calibration gases, laser gas mixtures, rare gases like xenon, neon and krypton, hydrocarbon blends, and related instrumentation gas and mixtures.

EFC also believes that IWDC members will benefit from its variety of cylinder sizes and treatments available to meet specific transportation requirements. EFC applies a series of computer controlled heating, vacuum and purge cycles to prepare both aluminium and steel cylinders. For low concentration or highly reactive components, we use additional proprietary cylinder treatment processes.

To ensure product consistency and quality, EFC also has a full analytical lab that provides multilevel quality control from feedstock to the final product. Lab capabilities include gas chromatography (GC), GC/Mass spectrometry (MS), Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR), GC with thermal conductivity detector (TCD) and flame ionization detector (FID) as well as dedicated moisture analyzers.

An EFC statement read, “We are committed to ongoing research and development. Specialists at EFC continue to work on higher purity products, more exact analytical methods and the improvement of purification methodologies for the advancement of scientific applications and the supply of qualified materials to the marketplace.”

“As a responsible provider of industrial gases and specialty gases, we want to assure IWDC members that EFC is committed to the development of ozone‐friendly products. We provide recycling services in order to reduce PFC emissions into the environment.”