Electronic Fluorocarbons, LLC has entered a new partnership with the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative, Inc. The Pennsylvania based company is confident in the new agreement.

Electronic Fluorocarbons is confident that IWDC members will be pleased with its product range; indeed all EFC products comply or exceed purity demands set out by manufacturers.

In a recent press statement in response to the partnership, EFC stated, “Customers appreciate the variety of cylinder sizes and treatments available from EFC to meet their specific transportation requirements. EFC applies a series of computer controlled heating, vacuum and purge cycles to prepare both aluminum and steel cylinders.”

“For low concentration or highly reactive components, we use additional proprietary cylinder treatment processes. These unique cylinder processes enable EFC to produce accurate part per billion and low part per million concentrations of reactive gas mixtures, with guaranteed stabilities from 12 to 60 months,” detailed EFC.

The firm also took the opportunity to emphasise its commitment to R&D: “We are committed to ongoing research and development. Specialists at EFC continue to work on higher purity products, more exact analytical methods and the improvement of purification methodologies for the advancement of scientific applications and the supply of qualified materials to the marketplace.”

Electronic Fluorocarbons, LLC focuses upon specialty gases, hydrocarbons and rare gases. The company is based in Warminster, Pennsylvania and operates across the globe.