Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases, a business area of Linde Gas North America LLC, will be exhibiting at SEMICON West tradeshow in San Francisco July 8-10.

Its focus will be on how Linde enables smarter electronics manufacturing through innovative gases and chemicals technology, as well as through investment in gases, engineering and strategic partnerships.

“Linde is the technology partner of choice for global semiconductor manufacturers,” said Rob Capellman, head of Sales and Operations for Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases. “Drawing on decades of experience in primary materials, Linde’s semiconductor knowledge is second to none with major gas supply projects designed and installed with the leading semiconductor manufacturer in every major manufacturing geography.”

Linde’s global product, system and service offerings for the electronics industry include ultra-pure bulk gases, electronic specialty gases (ESGs), carbon nanotubes, lithography gases, on-site gas generators, on-site gas and chemical management services, gas delivery and monitoring systems, recycling equipment and wet process chemicals.

“With the continued growth of mobile devices driving the demand for smaller and more versatile integrated circuit (IC) technology, manufacturers are faced with unyielding cost and technology barriers,” said Andreas Weisheit, head of Marketing and Planning for Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases.

“These next generation ICs require more gases and precursors; Linde has stepped up its electronic materials (EMs) portfolio to accommodate those needs and to enable manufacturers to stay competitive and meet consumer demand. We have invested heavily in groundbreaking technologies and solutions, which are backed by our partners in a global supply chain. Linde is uniquely positioned to be a global leader in enabling smarter, lower-cost and more sustainable semiconductor manufacturing processes.”