Flow-Cal is pleased to announce their president and CEO, Michael Squyres, has been recognised by the Houston Business Journal as a Who’s Who in Energy.

The Who’s Who in Energy honour recognises influential thought leaders in the US energy market.

“It is an honour and significant achievement to be recognised amongst such top performers in our industry,” Squyres said. “It is an exciting time in energy with the market experiencing such explosive growth surrounding the increased activities in the shale plays. The changing landscape has created greater opportunities and stronger competition which forms a number of challenges when running a company.”

Squyres has over 25 years of experience in designing and developing both gas and liquid measurement software applications. As the president and CEO of Flow-Cal, Inc., he has worked directly with SCADA, meter manufacturers and standards organisations to pioneer better ways to validate, calculate and report measurement data. Squyres has provided consulting services for domestic and international measurement applications, both on and offshore. He is directly involved in the identification and development of specialty applications serving producers, midstream, pipeline and distribution companies.

Under Squyres’ leadership, Flow-Cal has pioneered a number of innovative software solutions with the latest being the introduction of an advanced liquid measurement system. With a recognised need in the industry for a progressive liquid measurement system, FLOWCAL Enterprise Liquids has gained market notoriety and has become the industry’s choice.

With the welcomed growth from the onset of new customers, projects and markets, Flow-Cal is making considerable investments in the company with regards to recruiting efforts and facility renovations and expansions. Squyres has recently completed a renovation and move to a new floor within Flow-Cal’s building, more than doubling their square footage to accommodate the growing infrastructure.