FS-Elliott Co., LLC announced today the release of the R1000, the newest addition to the Regulus® control system line.

Building on FS-Elliott’s long-standing expertise in centrifugal compressor control, the R1000 introduces powerful new features that together enable plant operators to master one of a facility’s highest operating expenses — energy costs.

The R1000 features Ambient Compensation Control, a local control mode designed to automatically adjust the compressor set point based on changes in ambient conditions. As a result, the traditionally static surge control line becomes a dynamic entity, allowing the compressor to be safely controlled closer to the true surge line. This innovative control feature reduces waste by maximising turn-down and minimising bypass air, ensuring energy savings at off-peak operation.

The R1000 takes compressor control one-step further by employing Pressure Band Optimisation to avoid unnecessary discharge by optimising the amount of air produced based on the minimum pressure required to meet system demand.

Integrated Compressor Control adjusts performance by assigning lead and lag machines according to system demand. Automating a lead and lag control process helps eliminate excessive air production, and minimize bypass air, all while reducing energy consumption.

“The R1000 represents a leap forward and sets a new standard for compressor control systems. The vast majority of operators that utilise the advanced feature set of the R1000 will see significant energy savings over traditional control technology,” explains Michael Cobak, Manager of Engineering Services.

The R1000 will come standard on FS-Elliott’s Polaris+ line of centrifugal compressors and is the first and only control system in the industry to feature a 9-inch, full touchscreen display as standard.

“Improving the user experience has always been and will always be the focus of all product developments. We understand our customers need a controller that is easy to operate; the goal of the R1000 is to allow the compressor to do its job without requiring constant monitoring. This sets the R1000 apart from other controllers that are currently on the market,” added Cobak.