Blackline GPS is pleased to announce the manufacture and first shipments of Loner® SMD worker safety monitoring products.

Designed for companies who need to ensure their employee’s safety at all times, Loner SMD is Blackline’s second-generation safety monitoring product that instantly alerts monitoring personnel of safety incidents, coupled with the worker’s precise location, to empower an efficient emergency response.

“Using our patented True Fall Detection(TM) technology that differentiates falls from other vigorous activity, Loner SMD detects man-down events where a worker may be injured,”

says Greg Rude, Blackline’s Vice President of Industrial Sales.

“Our product also includes an intuitive emergency latch that can be instantly released to request help. In contrast, competitive products require workers to press and hold an emergency button for several seconds - time that a worker may not have.”

To aid in mobilising a timely safety incident response, monitoring personnel map the worker’s GPS location while Loner SMD’s multi-tone audible and bright visual indicators help emergency responders quickly locate the worker.

Blackline’s Loner Portal web application empowers safety monitoring personnel with an easy-to-use interface and a new, full-screen map.

Loner Portal displays a large view of a worker’s location, additional detail regarding the worker’s surroundings, and any nearby workers who may be able to provide emergency assistance.