The Harris Products Group, which claims to be the world’s leading manufacturer of metalworking products used in welding, cutting, brazing and soldering, has announced that it is dramatically expanding its distribution channel in South Africa.

With the expansion move, Harris’ customers in the mining, railroad, petrochemical, and auto assembly industries will have easier access to these products in order to meet increased demand.

The Harris Products Group (Harris Calorific) is recognised worldwide for the durability and safety of its entire product line including industrial-duty gas regulation equipment, manifolds and flow control equipment, welding and cutting torches, tips and machines.

Now these products, as well as Lincoln-branded gas apparatus totally compatible to Harris Calorific, will be available to more customers through additional distributors across South Africa including, Air Liquide and Brandweld. 

“The decision to expand our distribution channel in South Africa reaffirms the Harris Products Group commitment to our loyal customers—some of whom we’ve served for more than 60 years,”

said David Nangle, Vice President, Lincoln Electric, and President & CEO, The Harris Products Group.

“All Harris products are manufactured with the highest of standards, including those available to customers in South Africa, which are produced in the United States and EU.”

In fact, because of continued investment in process improvements and new technology, the Harris plant in Poland, which opened in 2007, is considered one of the most modern in the world.