Highline Technical Innovations and Alternative Hydrogen Solutions Group Sales and Marketing in joint venture for the sole purpose of marketing and distributing the HTI line of intelligent hydrogen systems.

Highline Technical Innovations, which is the creator of a uniquely engineered hydrogen based fuel supplement proven successful in the marine and agricultural industries, is in the joint venture due to the Miami-based Alternative Hydrogen Solutions Group Sales and Marketing in a bid to move their product to the next level.

“This is a very exciting time for HTI,” stated Charlton Coats, CEO for Highline Technical Innovations.

“After seven years of research, testing and modifications we have a product ready for high capacity production. This joint venture puts us in the financial position to do that in a very succinct and effective manner.”

“We are excited to be representing a technology that has the potential of making a major impact on companies that are struggling with rising fuel costs while at the same time doing a lot of good for the environment,”

stated Bill Cunetta, president of Alternative Hydrogen Systems Group Sales and Marketing.

“As our country continues to search for alternative fuel sources we firmly believe that through proper marketing we will not only be bringing this product to the next level but we will be introducing hydrogen as a very effective means of reducing foreign fuel dependency, lowering fuel costs for the end user and creating a cleaner environment for everyone. It’s a win-win for everyone.”