Ingen Technologies, an emerging medical device manufacturer with proprietary products for the growing respiratory markets, has announced that major home healthcare providers and oxygen service providers have made substantial product orders.

The homecare providers will debut the Oxyview® product line on their websites while they are seeking to capitalise on the booming aging population and the increase in home healthcare services.

Since the introduction of the new Smart Nasal Cannula®in 2010, Ingen’s Oxyview® product line continues to fill a void for the 32mllion home oxygen patients in the United States, and 600 million patients worldwide.

The company has sold more than 100,000 units to patients so far through a variety of suppliers, hospitals and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) organisations during the past few years.

Some of these suppliers are Tonopah Medical, LLC in Las Vegas; Mountainside Medical Equipment Company in New York; and OxiMedical Respiratory in Arizona.

Chairman Gary Tilden stated, “Tonopah Medical has been a very consistent client who recently purchased another 500 units for their home oxygen patients throughout the Las Vegas area, as well as Mountainside Medical in New York who made a recent purchase of 200 units.”

“As the company expands the distribution and marketing programs we hope to see an increase in revenues and earnings. Our Oxyview® product line offers many benefits to the patients and cost advantages to oxygen providers and suppliers.”