INOXCVA has expanded its Ameriport facility in Baytown, Texas. According to the Indian firm the investment reflects growing demand for cryogenic storage and distribution equipment.

It is hoped that by making these adjustments, the company will be better placed to meet customer commitments in the present and future.

The unit boasts 42,000 square footage and a 60 foot ceiling in order to house the two site cranes. These alone boast 50 foot hook height and weigh a staggering 50 tons each.

Production at the plant began in January 2011 and has already seen the benefit of its proximity to transport links. Indeed in a recent press release INOXCVA commented, “This facility, ideally located near all modes of transportation rail, an interstate highway, and a shipping terminal, will aid in fast product delivery and service.”

Chris Carr, President of INOXCVA U.S. added that Phase Two of the construction plan is already complete. The secondary expansion saw the addition of an 80 foot by 600 foot lean-to which houses 36 bays specifically designed for fracturing and LNG product assembly. The extended facility was further complimented by the introduction of six 10 ton cranes boasting 24 foot hook height.