The Linde Group’s subsidiary will upgrade its supply network in the U.S. Midwest by significantly increasing production at its Delta, Ohio air separation plant.

The firm plans to add a 575 ton per day nitrogen liquefier which will capture spare molecules that the plant is already producing. According to Linde the addition will benefit from the latest in design technology to ensure that it uses a minimum amount of electricity.

Pat Murphy, President of Linde North America commented, “Adding this liquefier is a major step in Linde’s modernisation goal of making our national network of plants more reliable, sustainable and energy efficient.”

He continued, “This kind of continuous improvement helps Linde provide customers with the products they need to keep their businesses operating at peak performance.”

The liquefier is scheduled for completion by the second quarter of 2013. It will replace existing nitrogen production from an older Linde air separation plant in the Midwest.

The Delta plant has been operating since 1997, supplying oxygen and argon by pipeline to two adjacent steel producers, and by truck to hospitals and to industrial customers such as welding shops and foundries throughout Ohio.