Linde North America will be showcasing its broad range of technologies and experience at the 19th Society of Petroleum Engineers Improved Oil Recovery Symposium to be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from the 12th to 16th of April.

Symposium participants are invited to visit Linde at its booth to discuss the various Linde technologies and services in support of enhanced oil recovery projects.

“Linde’s cryogenic air separation technology, with daily nitrogen production capacity of over 10,000 tonnes per unit, is often the most economical and in many cases the only feasible choice for enhanced oil recovery,” said John Wei, Linde’s business development manager for Clean Energy Group.

“We engineered, built, own and operate the world’s largest nitrogen generation complex supplying 55,000 tonnes per day of high pressure nitrogen to PEMEX for their EOR operation at Cantarell field in the Gulf of Mexico.”

In Mirfa, Abu Dhabi, Linde built and, jointly with ADNOC, operates another large nitrogen generation complex with capacity of 22,000 tonnes per day of nitrogen for EOR at the Habshan field. “The nitrogen is injected into the condensate field to augment declining reservoir pressure, maintaining the production level at Habshan while enabling alternative use of valuable natural gas that would otherwise be injected into the field,” Wei said.

Linde representatives will also be discussing the technologies and commercial offerings related to CO2 capture (from power plants as well as industrial processes) and its utilisation for enhanced oil recovery.