Linde Canada has introduced a new product line – Linde-branded stainless steel welding wire for the Canadian metal fabrication market.

The new product offer is part of the private label program for its industrial products Linde started in 2008 that includes welding equipment, consumables and safety products.

Mike Dunne, marketing manager, Industrial Products-Canada, said, “In this highly competitive market, our customers are demanding high quality, technically innovative, reliable products at competitive prices. We can provide this to our customers by utilising the global buying power of the Linde organisation to deliver the most innovative line of industrial welding products to the Canadian market.”

The new product offer is available Canada wide in all Linde retail stores and includes Stainless steel MIG wire and TIG welding rod that are manufactured under an ISO 9001 certified.  Both products are offered in three filler metal alloys that will cover a broad spectrum of stainless steel joining applications.

“Using the stainless steel welding wire with Linde’s proprietary MISON® shielding gases increases their effectiveness and safety. MISON shielding gases reduce the amount of ozone and hexavalent Chromium formed during the welding process, while improving the stability of the arc, and reducing clean up time,” Dunne said.