Over a nine-month period, Linde Canada Limited has identified nearly 1,900 cylinders that were previously considered lost or stolen and credited the appropriate customer account for the returned cylinders.

The cylinders were “found” using Linde Canada’s recently introduced Individual Cylinder Control (ICC) service, a professional approach to cylinder tracking and management that helps streamline the process and reduce the time it takes to track the whereabouts of cylinders, which can result in substantial cost savings for the customers.

“We are well aware that managing cylinder rental and possession is critical to every customer who uses our products,” said Chris Ebeling, vice president & general manager of Linde Canada. “The replacement cost of the nearly 1,890 cylinders we found is about $370,000, which is reason enough to appreciate the value of the ICC service. Even more important, however, is that ICC reduces our customers’ frustrations associated with cylinder rental issues.”  

Linde Canada implemented the ICC system, which is a closed-loop tracking process in response to the need for cylinder management expressed by an overwhelming number of its customers. “Implementation of ICC means that no matter who returns the cylinder, or where the cylinder is returned — either through a Linde store or at a Linde authorised agent — the correct customers will receive the credit for the cylinders on their accounts,” Ebeling said.

Yvon White, Senior Buyer for MécanicAction, an electrical and mechanical contractor located in Saint-Léonard, Québec, said, “We became a Linde customer about one year ago. Linde’s unique ICC service was instrumental in our final decision, particularly because we have a large inventory of cylinders that are used on various work sites. When Linde did a cylinder inventory at some of our sites, we found the ICC service to be very efficient and effective.”

At the heart of the ICC service are cylinders that contain unique bar codes. Each time a cylinder moves through a Linde scanning point, it is scanned and tracked, which makes reconciling cylinder rental invoices easier. Even if the bar code is no longer on the cylinder, there is unique information about the cylinder that makes all Linde cylinders traceable. Once the cylinder is back at the Linde plant, it will be credited to the respective account and will be retagged with new and unique bar codes.