Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases, a division of Linde Gas North America LLC, has completed the capacity expansion to supply ultra-high purity (UHP) gaseous nitrogen and UHP oxygen to its customers in the Hillsboro, Oregon area.

“Linde currently has two major production facilities in Oregon which collectively employ more than 100 personnel,” said Rob Capellman, Vice President, Electronics and Premium Products, Sales and Operations. Since 1996, Linde has been supplying UHP gases to a multitude of customers in the Hillsboro area. “To meet increased demands, Linde has expanded its production facility in Hillsboro twice in the last four years,” Capellman said. Linde also upgraded its existing infrastructure to boost its production capacity.

In Medford, Oregon, Linde manufactures specialty gases that are consumed by some of the largest semiconductor customers around the world. In Hillsboro, Linde’s customers are more concentrated and supply of nitrogen is via pipeline. The UHP gases are essential to ensure products meet their extremely tight design specifications.

Mark Quinn, Vice President, Electronic Bulk and ECOVAR® for Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases, said, “Linde has a very long relationship with semiconductor customers in the Hillsboro area, and we are thrilled to contribute to the growth and technology leadership of all of our customers in both Oregon and Washington. Our supply of UHP nitrogen and oxygen to this rapidly expanding industry strengthens our relationship and builds on our commitment to our customers. We also believe the upgrades to Linde’s facility in Hillsboro will provide the reliability necessary to ensure these manufacturers meet their production targets.”

Cliff Caldwell, Vice President & General Manager, Bulk Markets, Application Engineering Electronics and Premium Products for Linde LLC, stated, “Linde’s Spectra® high purity nitrogen plants are designed to provide the highest purity of nitrogen and oxygen at the lowest total cost of supply. We have engineered these plants to produce high volume gases with less than 1 part per billion impurities and with extraordinary power efficiencies.”