Oxygen is fast finding new growth avenues. Indeed, those lucky enough to attend this year’s January 2012 EIGA Workshop on Oxygen Safety will recall the particular attention paid to oxyfuel use in improving aluminium production.

The Linde Group in particular is using exhibitions as a vehicle for promoting these new technologies. Later this month, the North American industrial gas tier one firm will showcase its oxygen-enhanced processes at The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

Tony Palmero, Metallurgy Program Manager for Linde North America, commented on the company’s expertise, “Linde has extensive technical experience and know-how in all phases of the aluminium process to create added value for our customers and ensure maximum return on investment.”

But what benefits can oxygen add to the aluminium production process? Well according to Linde, oxyfuel burners and technologies can increase melting rates by as much as 30%, reduce fuel consumption by up to 50% and cut emissions by up to 80%. Palmero added, “Our low temperature oxyfuel processes operate at temperatures comparable to air fuel processes and can reduce yield loss to oxidation.”

In a bid to shed more light on this growth avenue, a team of Linde engineers will also use the meeting to present a paper entitled, ‘Six Years Experience from Low-temperature Oxyfuel in Primary and Re-melting Aluminium in Cast Houses.’

The paper will discuss operational results, process optimisations and economy from installations in reverberatory melting furnaces, mixing furnaces and tiltable rotary furnaces.