At IPPE 2014 in Atlanta, January 28-30, Linde LLC will feature its leading cryogenic solutions that can help meat & poultry processors boost throughput and keep more profit on the bottom line.

Cryogenic technology from Linde to be featured at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) includes the patented CRYOLINE® XF (Cross-Flow) spiral freezer, the patented CRYOLINE ® CW (CRYOWAVE®) rolling-wave IQF freezer, and the patented ACCU-CHILL® bottom-injection (BI) chilling systems that can chill ground proteins in mixers from the bottom up.

“We are helping processors meet their goals for higher throughput with breakthrough, high-efficiency designs and the lowest operating costs in the industry,” says Mark DiMaggio, Head of Food & Beverage, Linde LLC.  Linde cryogenic solutions use either carbon dioxide (CO2) or liquid nitrogen (N2) with proprietary delivery systems to rapidly chill or freeze protein products at volumes up to 20,000 lbs/hr.

The Cross-Flow spiral freezer, ideal for marinated poultry, greatly improves heat-transfer efficiency compared to a standard (cryogenic) box spiral freezer with a patented air-flow design that consistently moves cryogen across the conveyor belt. A first-ever, hygienic, round-frame enclosure around the spiral drum also improves cryogen flow around the product. The freezer consumes about 15% less cryogen than a standard box spiral and can significantly increase production in 30% less space.

The value of cryogenic solutions goes beyond improvements in throughput, and can also be measured in reduced maintenance and downtime, consistent product quality and reduced product losses. “We can typically reduce dehydration losses 4-6%. That alone is huge for product yields. When you add it all up, the true value of cryogenic technology can be a million or more dollars per year per line,” DiMaggio says.  

The new CRYOWAVE rolling-wave IQF freezer eliminates the CO2 “snow carryover” of old flighted freezers along with associated product losses and unnecessary downtime.  Both the CRYOWAVE and the Cross-Flow are hygienically-designed for easy maintenance.  

Engineering can make the difference in improving ROI of new cryogenic systems.  Bottom-injection (BI) chilling systems greatly improve efficiency over other chilling methods, although BI systems must be tailored to the mixer, the protein product and the process. Linde optimizes BI systems for high efficiency using either liquid CO2 or, for the first time in the protein industry, liquid nitrogen.