Linde launches, a new website focusing on process solutions to help the plastics industry address major trends: lower production costs/faster cycle times, more demanding parts design/performance requirements, and corporate sustainability goals.

Linde is a leading industrial gas and engineering company providing solutions for plastics and polymer processing. Liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) play an important role in the advanced processing of injection-molded plastics, as well as in reducing ozone-depleting blowing agents in polystyrene PS/EPS and polyurethane (PUR) foaming operations.  With global expertise, the plastics industry group of Linde incorporates these and other process solutions into manufacturing operations using precision gas pressure and metering systems. This includes the new PRESUS™ C system, a liquid (CO2) pressure booster that can help plastic foam manufacturers and gas-assist injection molders improve efficiency and quality.

The new website offers news and information about these core areas:  Gas-Assist Injection Molding (GAIM), including Enhanced GAIM (EGAIM) technology; cryogenic spot cooling systems for injection molds; high-pressure CO2systems for plastics foaming (without the use of pentane, butane or other ozone-depleting compounds as blowing agents); and cryogenic cleaning systems that remove residue and contaminants from metal or plastic surfaces without water or other solvents.

Injection Molding

Precise injection of gases in GAIM operations can improve cycle times and processing efficiencies. Enhanced GAIM can improve mold filling for intricate part geometries such as automotive bezels or hollow channel parts such as appliance handles, or parts for certain medical devices, with an even greater reduction of cycle time due to the cooling effects of CO2. In addition, spot cooling of “hot spots” using cryogenic CO2 can be a straightforward solution to many types of injection molding challenges, including better mold release and reduced cycle times.

Plastics Foaming

The use of high-pressure cryogenic CO2 (or N2) as blowing agents in polystyrene (PS/EPS) and polyurethane (PUR) foaming and extruding operations can improve gas flow through the polymer matrix for more consistent cell structure and better cycle times. Linde high-purity industrial gases can also and also help meet corporate sustainability goals by reducing the need for ozone-depleting compounds (ODP) as blowing agents.

Solventless Cleaning

The eco-friendly CRYOCLEAN® Snow system removes residue and other contaminants from plastic and metal surfaces using a pressurized stream of cryogenic carbon dioxide and micro-particles of dry ice.