Ideal for ground meat, poultry or seafood, the patented ACCU-CHILL® Bottom-Injection Chilling System from Linde chills proteins from the bottom of mixers/blenders with cryogenic efficiency – and precision.

Temperature can be controlled within ±1.0º F, helping to ensure consistent product quality and repeatable mixing and forming operations. Linde is featuring the patented technology at the International Production and Process Exposition (IPPE), January 28-30, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, booth #5845.

Advanced ACCU-CHILL bottom-injection (BI) chilling systems, which can use either liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) or now liquid nitrogen (LIN), are inherently more efficient than top-injected systems that typically use CO2 snow or sometimes nitrogen.  In fact, top-chilling may require three times more processing time and 20-25% more cryogen to achieve the same desired temperature.

With a top-chilled mixer, CO2 snow or LIN loses refrigeration as it travels through the air from the top of the mixer, and more BTUs are lost to the mixer exhaust before the CO2 snow or liquid nitrogen is blended into the meat.  

In contrast, injecting CO2 or nitrogen from the bottom of the mixer/blender as a liquid utilises most of the refrigeration available so it is immediately available to the chilling process. The Linde food team can retrofit the ACCU-CHILL BI system to existing mixers, or design and install a customised chilling system when upgrading to new mixing or grinding equipment.

Linde is the first to configure bottom-injection chilling systems for the US meat industry using liquid nitrogen (LIN), in addition to CO2. The 2014 IPPE Show in Atlanta marks the formal introduction of the re-designed Advanced ACCU-CHILL systems to the US market. Advanced ACCU-CHILL systems utilises the refrigeration more efficiently and rapidly than conventional systems.  

The Linde food team assists in the selection of the cryogen which will depend on several factors, and optimises the BI system for the plant and process to help maximise ROI.  

“Even chilling systems installed just a few years ago can potentially benefit from our new technology.  Engineering is that important — and our optimised BI systems can save meat processors on the order of $300,000 or more a year,” says Mark DiMaggio, head of Food & Beverage for Linde North America.