Linde North America, a subsidiary of The Linde Group, recently launched the latest solution in cryogenic freezing.

The CRYOLINE® XF spiral freezer offers high performance freezing for raw or cooked chicken breast, formed nuggets and patties. The new device will be featured at this year's International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta's World Congress Centre between January 26th-28th. The company invites readers to take a closer look at booth number 4955.

Mark DiMaggio, Head of Food and Beverage Markets at Linde North America remarked, $quot;The new CRYOLINE® XF spiral freezer is a significant step change in spiral freezer technology, delivering increased line production rates while lowering cryogen cost per pound of product. It is a novel freezer incorporating breakthrough proprietary spiral freezing technology.$quot;

Efficiency over size
Linde's latest addition to its product range promises to improve cryogen efficiency, while significantly reducing overall freezing size. Indeed, according to Linde, the freezer provides twice the heat transfer rate of conventional spiral freezers.

In addition, Linde North America will be utilising the opportunity to display the CRYOLINE CW hygienic tunnel freezer. The second offering is designed to freeze IQF (individually quick frozen) products by using a proprietary, rolling wave action.

DiMaggio elaborated, $quot;The CRYOLINE CW tunnel freezer is state-of-the-art IQF freezing technology. The dual-function freezer's patented, controllable, rolling wave action delivers the highest attainable IQF product throughput rate.$quot;
He continued, $quot;The rolling wave action can also be turned off to change product application, such as freezing flat, trayed or formed products, providing flexibility for use.$quot;