Plastic foam manufacturers and gas-assist injection molders (GAIM) can improve efficiency and quality with the help of a new liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) pressure booster, PRESUS™ C system, from Linde North America.

PRESUS C systems can supply high-mass-flow LCO2 at a constant high pressure to a variety of industrial processes. Applications include high-performance spot-cooling of hot spots in plastic injection molds, and the supply of bubble-free LCO2 to metering systems such as the DSD 500 for the physical foaming of polystyrene (PS) and low-density polyurethane (PUR). The PRESUS C system can also supply high-mass flow for precision surface cleaning with dry ice particles, such as with the CRYOCLEAN® Snow system, which can clean and polish molds and OEM parts without water or ozone-depleting solvents.

Designed for precision and long service-life, the PRESUS C system automatically adapts to process demands.  During pauses in production, the LCO2 mass flow will automatically stop to conserve cryogen and reduce energy consumption. Pneumatic operation and a dual-pump design enhance reliability and flexibility. During service or maintenance, the parallel pump can continue to supply LCO2 on a continuous basis to avoid interruptions in production.

Three compact models are available: the PRESUS C8 pressure booster can deliver LCO2 mass-flow rates from 10 to 220lbs/h and operating pressures up to 1160 psi; the PRESUS C10 system can deliver the same mass-flow rates at pressures up to 1450 psi; and for heavy-duty industrial applications the PRESUS C50 system delivers LCO2 mass flow from 65 to 1100lb/h at pressures up to 1015 psi. The compressor systems feature high-efficiency, low-noise operation, and are available with automatic switching and temperature conditioning options.

The PRESUS C system is one of a range of high-tech gas supply and control systems for the plastics industry. The Linde Plastics Team reviews processing challenges and develops solutions for injection-molders, foamers and extruders, as well as manufacturers and designers of plastics processing equipment.