Existing steel continuous reheat furnace performance can be significantly enhanced using flameless oxyfuel heating technology, according to a paper to be presented during AISTech 2012, by Linde North America and two European steel manufacturers.

By installing flameless oxyfuel burners or the new Linde REBOX®HLL oxygen injection technology, existing reheat furnaces can be upgraded to increase throughput (heating capacity), reduce specific fuel consumption, and minimize gaseous emissions of CO2 and NOX with less capital investment compared with other alternatives and, in some cases, complete reversibility.

The AISTech 2012 Conference will be held at The Georgia Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia, from May 7th to May 10th.

The paper, entitled Flameless Oxyfuel Slab Reheating Experiences, will be presented on Monday, May 7th, from 9:30 am in the “Hot Sheet Rolling/Energy & Utilities - Fuel for Thought” session in Building A - Level Four Concourse A403.

The results from flameless oxyfuel installations in several steel continuous reheat furnaces, ranging in throughput rates from 40 to 340 tons/hour, will be discussed.

One of the presenters, Tony Palermo, Metallurgy Program Manager for Linde North America, said, “Typically, these performance enhancement systems can be installed with nominal furnace downtime resulting in little or no lost production.”

“In the case of REBOX® HLL technology, downtime for installation may be as short as one day, operational risk is minimized, and there is wide flexibility in the selection of operating techniques because the process is completely reversible.”

“Thus operating practices can be changed according to the current conditions for variables such as fuel cost, fuel heating value, and production requirements. Similar features may be designed into a technical solution incorporating flameless oxyfuel boosting.”

Over the past five years, 30 flameless oxyfuel systems have been installed by Linde at 15 steel mills located throughout the world.

The achieved results from walking beam installations using REBOX® HLL and/or flameless oxyfuel boosting range from a reduction of up to 45% in NOX emissions, to fuel consumption decreased by 25%.