Linde will announce the start-up of its new LNG fueling station in Springville, Indiana, at the World LNG Fuels Conference 2014 at the George R. Brown Conference Center in Houston, Texas, from January 2st – 23rd.

The new station, the first of its kind in the U.S., incorporates the latest technology and design similar to the Linde stations operating successfully in Australia and United Kingdom.

Linde, a member of The Linde Group, a global leader in the growing liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply and fuelling market. The World LNG Fuels Conference attracts key decision-makers, buyers and influencers representing companies across the LNG fuel spectrum. In addition to exhibiting at the conference, Linde is also a sponsor of the event and will present a paper at a session on marine applications for LNG.

“The new Linde fueling system is designed in answer to our customers’ requirements for safe operation, fast refuelling, quick installation, zero venting to atmosphere and low cost of ownership,” said Gary Peterson, head of Engineering and Technology Development for LNG. The Linde LNG station fulfills those needs, offering important advantages compared with competitive LNG stations serving the heavy-duty truck fleet market.

“The new, commercial station offers exceptional performance,” said Peterson. “It is economical and scalable as fleet needs expand. It features a Linde dispenser, cryogenic pump, real-time liquid conditioning and liquid nitrogen assist to minimise LNG losses.” In addition to this permanent station design, Linde also supplies mobile fueling equipment for truck fleet operators who want to trial LNG and then plan to add LNG-fueled trucks gradually using the new commercial station technology.

Linde has been fuelling its trucks that deliver industrial gases to customers from the Springville plant where the company has also modified the maintenance garage so the LNG tractors can be maintained indoors to meet all relevant local and national codes and standards. “We are looking forward to sharing our experience and designs with future customers running LNG fleets similar to Linde’s,” Peterson said.

Linde also serves other markets for LNG.  At the Wednesday 4pm Breakout Session on “LNG-Fueled Marine Experience from the Field,” Jonathon Harris, manager of LNG Technology, will present a paper describing Linde’s class-leading experience serving the marine market. At booth #216 Linde LNG experts will discuss how Linde serves a variety of LNG markets, including heavy-duty truck transportation, drilling rigs and frac spreads throughout North America.