Linde North America will highlight its expertise across the LNG supply chain at the Texas Natural Gas Summit, to be held in Austin on Thursday October 23rd.

Linde is one of the exhibitors at the event (booth #43), which will be held at the Palmer Events Center, and which is sponsored by the Railroad Commission of Texas.

“There’s a natural gas boom happening in Texas and Linde has the unique experience to help customers take advantage of it,” said Roy Twymon, business development manager, Energy Solutions, Linde North America.

LNG is natural gas that has been cooled to cryogenic temperatures for easier transportation and storage. It provides economic, environmental and operational benefits over diesel, gasoline and electricity. It is cheaper, it is produced domestically and when burning, it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

“Linde is leading the change to LNG as a safe, economic and environmentally friendly alternative fuel for both transportation fleets and off-road oil and gas exploration and production. Linde offers reliable supply, technology and a national service network to help our customers put together a fueling program,” Twymon said.

Oil and gas producers are increasingly choosing LNG for well drilling and completion equipment, Twymon says. “With an attractive return on conversion combined with the positive environmental benefits, switching to LNG is a no-brainer for many of our E&P customers.”

For transportation companies looking to convert from diesel to LNG for heavy duty truck fleets, Linde offers a range of scalable fueling solutions. These range from providing mobile fueling equipment for fleet operators who want to conduct short term trials of LNG, to delivering bulk LNG to customers’ existing fueling stations, to building, leasing or selling a commercial industrial fueling station for large fleets of LNG tractors.

“Linde has nearly a century of experience working with LNG. As we enter this exciting new phase in Texas’ oil and gas production, we can help you move your fueling program in the right direction,” Twymon said.