Mike Beckman, vice president of hydrogen fueling and industrial applications for Linde North America, will deliver a speech at the plenary session on Thursday, June 7, covering Linde’s global progress in hydrogen fueling.

Beckman, who has been spearheading Linde’s hydrogen fuel cell activities in the U.S. and Canada, said, “Linde has been a vigorous supporter of alternate energy for decades and has been a pioneer in bringing hydrogen into use as a cost-effective everyday fuel. We’re showing that our technology can help improve sustainability, lower emissions and reduce our dependence on foreign fuel.”

Five additional papers will be presented by Linde representatives at technical sessions:

  • Green Hydrogen by Pyroreforming of Glycerin, presented by Satish Tamhankar, Linde innovation management, biomass to energy manager, on development of innovative processes for sustainable production of hydrogen from biogenic raw material.
  • Daimler’s and Linde’s 20 Hydrogen Fueling Station Project – Status Quo, by Benjamin Kaehler, of Daimler-Benz, and Dr Alexander Stubinitzky, Linde innovation manager, hydrogen solutions, CIMM – advanced customer application, providing details, along with perspective, on the hydrogen fueled 125-day Mercedes-Benz F-CELL World Drive.
  • AC Transit / Linde Hydrogen Fueling Station for Buses and Cars, by Nitin Natesan, Linde hydrogen fuelingengineer, detailing the hydrogen installation of a hydrogen production and dispensing station to fuel buses for  AC Transit at its terminal in Emeryville, California.
  • Hydrogen for grid-scale storage of renewable energy, Dr Alexander Stubinitzky, will discuss the potential of various hydrogen energy storage systems.
  • Advanced hydrogen fueling & compression technologies - Experiences gained and technology developments by Dr Alexander Stubinitzky, will provide an understanding of the hydrogen fueling technology to be used in the Linde/Daimler joint project to install 20 hydrogen fueling stations in Germany.

Linde will also be showcasing its range of support for the entire value chain for hydrogen fueling, from production/distribution through retail fueling at the conference.