Linde Canada Limited is supplyingtwo Linde-branded welding wires – Solidarc 115™ and Linde S-6™ – to the Canadian fabrication market.

Solidarc 115™ is a cold-drawn, copper-coated MIG welding wire recommended for welding on metals with a medium to high presence of mill scale, the flaky surface of hot rolled steel.

Mike Clune, project manager-marketing for Linde Canada, said, “Due to its arc-enhancer lubricant, Solidarc 115 has excellent feed ability and arc-stability and can be used for robotic or hard automation welding, producing sound welds with excellent wetting, which produces an almost seamless weld.”

Linde S-6™, is a top copper coated, mild steel MIG wire electrode, perfect for welding on metals with a medium to high presence of surface contaminants. “It exhibits very good puddle fluidity, bead profile and spatter control,” Clune said.

Both Linde Solidarc 115 and Linde S-6 wires are designed to deliver trouble-free feed ability because of the proprietary drawing processes that ensure extremely tight tolerances on diameter.

Linde Solidarc 115 and S-6 MIG wires are available at all 73 Linde retail locations across Canada. They can also be purchased online at

“Using these MIG wires with Linde’s proprietary MISON® 8C and 15C shielding gases increases their effectiveness and safety. MISON shielding gases reduce the amount of ozone formed during the welding process, while improving the stability of the arc, increasing weld strength and lowering clean up time,” Clune said.