Lockhouse software has been chosen by Chart Industries for use with their manufactured tanks. The software is currently being tested at their facility and the larger rollout will begin in mid-December.

The management team from Lockhouse will be travelling to Chart during December to oversee the rollout. “We’re pleased to have Chart as one of our key strategic development partners, helping us build the vision of Lockhouse as an interactive asset data network that creates greater efficiencies all along the supply chain,” says Jim Glessner, CEO of Lockhouse.

The Lockhouse software makes assets (like CO2 tanks) smart – by allowing manufacturers like Chart to exchange critical information with end users concerning their products. Lockhouse uses the mobile devices - like smartphones - already in everyone’s pockets to find and recover lost or damaged assets, as well as deliver critical information - like safety bulletins, manuals, service information, and more - to end users.

Explaining the idea is Doug O’Dell, from affiliated company, TrackAbout.

He said, “The intention of Lockhouse is simple. It’s like a medical record (for a cylinder) available to end-users. Mobile devices - like smartphones, are the key. We are looking at getting the crowd involved to help you locate damaged, lost or stolen assets.”

Lockhouse provides a registry for assets that connects different data systems in order to create a more efficient information exchange between asset-intensive industries and the end users of those assets.

Lockhouse uses key attributes that cylinders possess (like serial numbers and other properties) to uniquely identify assets. The Passport Tag™ for that cylinder allows access to a cloud application delivering updatable information about each asset in real time.

This Lockhouse system enables manufacturers and owners to have the ability to add information, and receive feedback and GPS location from the operator of the smartphone, making the “lost” cylinder a thing of the past.

A universal, “one size fits all” system should mean that anyone and everyone will be able to get involved – which is something that companies strive for - user engagement without spending more on customer service. “The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing,” stated John Russell, former Director of Harley Davidson – a feeling that is shared by the Lockhouse team.

Lockhouse makes this engagement easier by being the “virtual neck ring” asset-intensive industries need.