Cut It Up tested MagneGas(TM) extensively and has agreed to purchase all of its metal cutting gas exclusively from MagneGas.

Cut It Up is a new and dedicated distributor of metal cutting gases servicing the central and eastern parts of Florida from its Cocoa facility.

Cut It Up’s strategic location is essential as it has the capability of distributing MagneGas(TM) fuel not only locally by truck but also by rail and sea shipments.

“We witnessed the impressive features of MagneGas(TM) at the Port Canaveral demolition project, which was expected to be completed in 33 days, but took only eight days with the use of MagneGas(TM),” commented Ian Meldeau, Managing Partner at Cut It Up.

“We were so captivated with its superior metal cutting properties, reduced secondary smoke and improved productivity that we have created a new company, Cut It Up, dedicated to the distribution of this innovative gas.”

“MagneGas is very pleased to begin our new strategic alliance with Cut It Up as we continue to successfully execute on the second phase of our growth strategy,” commented Ermanno Santilli, CEO of MagneGas Corporation.

“By producing our superior fuel onsite, we are able to lessen the overall costs for distributors and consumers while further improving overall productivity.”