MATHESON and ATMI, Inc., have agreed termination of MATHESON’s rights for global distribution of ATMI’s SDS® Safe Delivery Source (SDS®) and Vacuum Actuated Cylinder (VAC®) products.

Under the terms of the agreement, MATHESON will receive a termination payment, and ATMI will immediately assume marketing and distribution for SDS and VAC technology in all countries except Japan. Within Japan, MATHESON’s parent company, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, will retain exclusive rights for the marketing and distribution of SDS and VAC products.

Bill Kroll, MATHESON Chairman and CEO said, “Since the development of the SDS technology in 1993, MATHESON and ATMI have enjoyed a mutually productive relationship. The termination of our distribution arrangement is also of mutual benefit, and we wish ATMI continued success.”

The filling of SDS cylinders will continue to be performed by ATMI and MATHESON, and VAC cylinders will continue to be filled by ATMI. The same source materials will continue to be used to fill all SDS and VAC products.

For a transition period that may vary in length by country, MATHESON and Taiyo Nippon Sanso affiliate companies will continue to fulfil customer orders on behalf of ATMI in the countries where they currently distribute the products.

Citing possible concerns from the user base of these technologies, Kroll continued, “The SDS and VAC technologies are true class leaders on a global scale. Our customers can be confident that we will work closely with ATMI to ensure a smooth transition. Supply will not be interrupted as a result of this change in our relationship. In parallel with this change, our semiconductor customers can be assured that MATHESON will continue its aggressive research and development of technology and materials used in semiconductor fabrication.”