CLEANCOR Energy Solutions has formed CLEANCOR Equipment Solutions to serve the growing demand for short and long-term rental of mobile equipment for the processing and transport of cryogenic and high-pressure gas.

Equipment offerings will include ISO containers for the transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) and skid-based equipment for NGL separation and treatment, natural gas pressure regulation, compression, and regasification.

This equipment is employed in a range of uses by oil and gas exploration and production, midstream processing, pipeline, and industrial gas companies, as well as local market natural gas distribution utilities and commercial and industrial end users.

CLEANCOR has started procuring ISO containers for the storage and over-the-road, marine, and rail transport of LNG, CNG, and other high-pressure gases, and is working with manufacturers to build its inventory and expand its offerings. CLEANCOR Equipment Solutions is based in the Houston, Texas offices of CLEANCOR Energy Solutions.