Spacelabs Healthcare has chosen to incorporate the advanced Paracube Micro oxygen sensor from Hummingbird Sensing Technology into its new ArkonTM anesthesia workstation.

Spacelabs specified the use of a non-depleting embedded oxygen sensor to monitor and control the oxygen concentration delivered to the patient.

As it now incorporates the non-depleting paramagnetic technology used by the Paracube Micro, the Arkon workstation not only delivers leading performance – but also gives an exceptional lifetime cost-of-ownership for Spacelabs customers.

The use of the Paracube Micro in the Arkon is also seen as highlighting the growing relationship between Spacelabs and Hummingbird. The use of the Paracube Micro follows the successful incorporation of the Hummingbird Pm11116 oxygen analyzer into Spacelabs’ Multigas analyzer.

Martin Cox of Servomex

Hummingbird Sensing Technology’s Martin Cox (left) said, “Hummingbird is delighted to be supplying the Paracube Micro to Spacelabs. The Paracube Micro helps give the Arkon an immediate edge over competitor products, with the many advantages the Micro offers over traditional electrochemical technologies delivering long-time cost and performance benefits to Spacelabs customers.”

Meanwhile Nicholas Ong, president of Spacelabs Healthcare, added simply, “System performance is key in helping anesthesiologists remain focused on the patient rather than equipment.”

Previewed at the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) and MEDICA at the end of 2011, the ARKON has received clearance under Section 510(k) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is scheduled for release during 2012.