Pentair Haffmans has launched an in-line CO2 meter. The AuCoMet-i promises to deliver speedy, accurate C02 measurements in beer and carbonated beverages.

According to the manufacturers, the device can be integrated into the production line at any location where CO2 measurement is required. Most typically this occurs after filtration, carbonation, blending and before filling.

The internal memory allows up to 500 measurements to be stored at any one time. Unlike previous generations, the AuCoMet-i has a separate control unit that can be field or panel-mounted. In addition, thanks to its modular design, the system can be easily extended with an oxygen sensor.

When used in combination with Pentair Haffmans’ CO2 dosing unit, the AuCoMet-i determines the content of CO2 and, through embedded software, the CO2 dosing rate can be immediately adjusted if necessary.

Along with the CO2 dosing unit and static mixers, the AuCoMet-i is part of Pentair Haffmans ‘Carbo Controller’, a fully automated plug-and-play unit that allows for accurate CO2 injection, ‘bubble free’ CO2 dissolving and thus perfect total CO2 process control.

Pentair is a global industrial company headquartered in Minneapolis. With 2010 revenues of $3bn, Pentair employs over 14,000 people worldwide.