Praxair, Inc has announced the start-up of its new carbon dioxide (CO2) purification facility at the Honeywell Resins & Chemicals site in Hopewell, Virgina.

Under a long-term agreement, Praxair will purchase CO2 from Honeywell Resins & Chemicals, one of the world’s largest producers of nylon resin and caprolactam, a critical feedstock used for nylon production. The agreement expands Praxair’s business relationship with Honeywell.

Praxair’s new facility purifies and liquefies up to 450 tonnes per day of CO2, a byproduct of the production process at Honeywell’s caprolactam facility. The CO2 supply will help Praxair serve customers in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, where it is used to freeze, chill, preserve and package food and carbonate beverages. It is also used in the healthcare, oil recovery, metal fabrication, chemicals and wastewater segments. 

“This world-class CO2 facility is further expanding Praxair’s capacity in the region and creating growth opportunities across the Mid-Atlantic States, including beverage carbonation,” said Kevin Foti, vice president of Carbon Dioxide for the US industrial gases business and president of NuCO2.

“Praxair’s shared focus on improving operational performance makes this initiative a perfect fit for our operations,” said Qamar Bhatia, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Resins and Chemicals. “This new plant and our long-term agreement is a win for both companies.”