Praxair Electronics’ sub-atmospheric dopant gas delivery system has been selected to be the factory default standard for Applied Materials’ flagship Varian VIISta® ion implant platform.

With the new contract the Praxair, Inc subsidiary will supply the UpTime® delivery system. Matt Gaucher, General Manager of high current implantation at Varian Semiconductor Equipment, a division of Applied Materials, Inc. commented, “We are pleased to offer customers Praxair’s UpTime system on our VIIsta platform. Compared to other available options, the UpTime system has demonstrated significantly improved operational productivity on our platform.”

Lisa Fanti, Director of Electronics Product Commercialisation at Praxair responded to the news, “We look forward to continuing our work with Applied in identifying and jointly bringing to market additional productivity enhancements to customers in the implant space. Applied’s adoption of UpTime for their market-leading implant platform is a validation of its advanced and cost-effective capabilities.”

Ion implantation is a process used in the fabrication of microchips in which ions, created from highly specialised gases, are accelerated and implanted into silicon wafers to modify the properties of a film. With over 1,500 tools installed worldwide, the VIISta system is one of the industry’s leading ion implant platform.

Praxair is also the preferred sub-atmospheric dopant supplier for the Solion™ implant tool developed by Varian Semiconductor Equipment for the solar photovoltaic market.