Praxair will finish showcasing continuing developments with its leading gas injection technology today at the fourth International Conference on Process Development in Iron and Steelmaking, Scanmet IV, held in Lulea, Sweden.

The paper “Research and Commercial Development of Liquid-Fuel Based Technology for EAF” was scheduled for presentation in the Electric Arc Steelmaking II session today at 8:55am.

Praxair’s gas injection system technology is installed on over 120 electric arc furnaces worldwide to reduce production costs and improve productivity.

Praxair’s portfolio of specialised oxy-fuel combustion technologies improves the energy efficiency and competitiveness of steelmakers with a wide range of applications from soft, flameless Dilute Oxygen Combustion to rapid, intense burning with Hot Oxygen technology.

In addition to providing technology know-how, Praxair has a dedicated team of specialists to design, build, start up and support our customers globally.

Praxair provides a full range of industrial gas supply capabilities, from onsite plants to packaged gas cylinders. In addition to the supply of gases, Praxair’s process experts can help customers with the design, build, start up and support for each technology.

Praxair’s industrial gases are used extensively in metal production to reduce cost, maximise productivity and improve energy efficiency. Praxair also provides wear-resistant coatings for steel applications.

Praxair, Inc. is the largest industrial gases company in North and South America and one of the largest worldwide, with 2011 sales of $11 bn.