You can learn about a waterless, solvent-free system for cleaning automotive, plastic and other manufactured parts at a webinar hosted by Automotive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) and Linde, 15th of May, at 9 am (EDT).

The CRYOCLEAN® Snow system removes residue and other contaminants from plastic and metal surfaces using a pressurized stream of cryogenic carbon dioxide and micro-particles of dry ice.  


Primary system benefits:

       * Continuous cleaning on-demand with low-cost operation        

       * Water-free – no drying required, no alkaline wastewater

       * No ozone depleting solvents – non-flammable, non-VOC

       * Ideal for surface preparation prior to joining or coating

       * Compact, scalable, easily automated

The one-hour presentation by Linde industrial gas expert Rolf Heninger will include:

       * The physics and surface dynamics of the cleaning system

       * Primary applications in OEM parts manufacturing and finishing        

       * Comparison with other parts cleaning methods, including wet cleaning

Participants attend at no cost with advance registration. Visit