Air Products has announced it will debut its MaxxTM Pak portable shielding gas blending system at FABTECH 2014 – held next week from November 11th to 13th in Atlanta, Georgia.

The new portable gas blending system, which compliments the company’s range of MaxxTM shielding gases, enables welders to economically and efficiently blend gases on-site.

With Air Products’ new Maxx™ Pak system, multiple welding stations can be managed from a single blending gas system. This provides welders with flexibility to move the gas supply where needed and eliminate the moving and handling of individual cylinders. In addition, the Maxx™ Pak system allows more gas storage and longer runs without the need to frequently change out cylinders.

By blending on-site, welders can lower gas costs since residual gas is no longer returned to their supplier in high pressure cylinders or cylinder packs. Air Products’ Maxx™ Pak system also provides better blend tolerances, resulting in higher quality welds compared to traditional high-pressure cylinders where CO2 percentages can vary. The Maxx™ Pak portable shielding gas blending system can connect up to five different welding stations and is ideal for construction sites, shipyards, shutdowns, outages and more.

FABTECH attendees are invited to stop by Air Products booth #1138, where the company’s team of welding specialists will be available to discuss ways in which welders can optimize their welding and cutting processes. Air Products provides a range of Maxx shielding gases, which deliver the highest levels of performance—including better weld quality and faster welding speeds—to maximise productivity and reduce rejects. These gases exceed the requirements of all relevant gas quality and mix accuracy standards and include all industry standard welding mixtures.